naruto comic update: Naruto 545: Edo vs. Edo/ Parent vs. Child

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Naruto 545: Edo vs. Edo/ Parent vs. Child

Kushina slaps Naruto with her chakra chain. It turns his head and knocks blood from his mouth.

Bee is blocking but not attacking B minor. He fights similar to Bee but with a Bo staff. His sai are still on his belt.

B Minor, “father, why are you crying, it is okay, this is not your fault. I was happy.”

Bee, I am happy too son, so is your Uncle, in his own way.”

B minor, The why aren’t you rapping, you promised everyday you tell me a new rap until I was a jonin.”

Bee stops crying and smiles, “well I be damn a promise is a promise, Uncle A is Raikage and I am by his side keeping him honest. You fight real good almost as good as me, but when it comes to rhymes your minor and I am major Bee.”

B minor starts to wither away, “thank you father, I have all the rhyme si need, love you.”

He is gone.

Naruto is dogging his moms attacks, “ Mom stop, I can’t beat you up, you’re my mom!”

Kushina, “I can’t control myself, Naruto you must defeat me.”
She starts to charge at with her chains spinning.

Naruto, {there is a only one action to take.}

Next we see Naruto hugging his mom as the chains wrap around him.

Naruto, “I love you mom, I have a lot of friends, I study better, and I promise to eat more vegetables more okay? I am not mad at you and Dad, I love you both, and”

WE see Kushina’s eyes with surprise.

“I am gonna be the Orange Hokage after all!”

Kushina starts to cry and wither, “thank you son, I am proud of you.”

Itachi is holding his eyes as they are healing.

Fugaku, “so you are the strongest we have? I am disappointed in you. Surely I thought you would have redeemed yourself after that issue at the lake.”

Itachi, “I have power beyond you father, but I am not like you. You see we are both dead, but you died on the inside long before that night.”

Fugaku is charging towards him. “the most powerful Uchiha, you are a joke.”

Itachi, “No..”

Sasuke is standing behind Fugaku with his chidori fist coming thru his chest.

“he is.”
Sasuke increases the charge.

Fugaku, “very good son.” he withers.
We see Naruto with his hands together releasing the seal on Sasuke.

Nagato is standing over the Uzukage, “I am Nagato Uzumaki, Sage of the Six Paths. That is Naruto Uzumaki the chosen one to save us from this. He will carry on the Uzumaki to the greatness they were meant for.

Uzukage, “So be it.”

He disappears with ashes in the wind.

Kabuto , “shit! Okay, then!”

He makes hand signs for Edo Tensei.

Suddenly in front of Kabuto is Itachi.
“No, not you!”

Itachi points at him.

Kabuto is seen screaming.

Naruto, “Genjutsu.”

Sasuke, “I am not gonna be your puppet Naruto, free me.”

Naruto, “Not until I save you.”

He goes RS mode.

“But right now I have to find Madara.”

He expands the RS field and engulfs him, Sasuke & Bee they disappear.

Kabuto on his knees, “release.”

Itachi and Nagato disappear.

He collapses.

Next, with the Edos gone what will Madara do?!


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