naruto comic update: Naruto 544: Brothers

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Naruto 544: Brothers

We see Sasuke flying back landing on the ground sliding into a tree.

Naruto is in RS mode, he has just uppercut Sasuke.

“damn you! Are you so far gone you would attack your brother for no reason?! You already got vengeance once already!”

Sasuke getting up holding his jaw with his Amaterasu eye closed, {He has gotten faster, and stronger, no matter} “you still talk too much Loser!”

He runs towards Naruto making hand signs.

Naruto, {what is happening to me I can see what he is doing but it’s like there is more to it.} Sasuke, don’t…”

Sasuke, “shut up! I am tired of your talking!”

He is covered in lighting and then pulls his sword about to strike Naruto then he disappears & appears behind him.

Naruto doesn’t turn around, even though he knows he is there. Right before the blade strikes he grabs the blade turns and places his hand on Sasuke’s chest.

Naruto, “I am sorry.”
A seal forms on Sasuke. “chakra summoning seal; restraint technique!”

Suddenly Sasuke loses his chidori field and his eyes go back to regular pupils.

Itachi, “amazing, a true Uzumaki it seems.”

Nagato, “how did he know that, how was he able to perform it so swiftly?”

Sasuke falls to his knees, “what have you done to me?”

Naruto, “you no longer have access to the chakra that goes to your jutsu, you are like Lee now. I trapped your jutsu in a summoning seal, your Eternal Mangekyo is no longer eternal.”

Bee, “it can be summoned now , but who has his power now?”

Naruto stops RS and pulls up the back of his shirt, there is an Uchiha crest surrounded by seal designs in the middle of his back.

Kabuto, “well that didn’t go as planned.”

He makes hand seals, then several Edo coffins rise.

Itachi, “get up Sasuke, you need to fight.”

Sasuke, “do not tell me what I need to do! In case you haven’t noticed, I am without the Sharinghan, thanks to that loser Naruto!”

Nagato, “hmmm, you have very high standards, calling someone that just beat you with one hand a loser.”

Naruto, “Bee, hand Nagato Samehada, I have an idea.”

Bee tosses the sword to Nagato.

Nagato catches it with both hands and uses it to stand up, “good Idea Naruto, I can feel it, it is amazing amount of chakra this might just do the trick!”

The coffins open and reveal.

Nagato, “oh no, Uzukage.

Itachi, “father?”

Naruto, “mom?”

Bee, “no it can’t be, no you MONSTER!!!”

Kabuto, “oh good my guess was right…this is YOUR son!”

WE see the Uzukage has a staff, Fugaku has a kunai, Kushina with her hair blowing in the wind, and a boy no older than twelve that looks like Bee except with a cap on backwards and smaller shades. He has a bo staff and a pair of sai in front of his belt. His arms are folded.

Fugaku, “what is this, Itachi, Sasuke? Is that Naruto?! Wait, is this the forbidden jutsu of the Hokage?”

Kushina, “Naruto? My son, you look just like Minato.”

Kid, “father? Is that you?”

Bee, yeah B minor, it’s me, I am sorry, I didn’t protect you and I can’t save you now.”

Naruto, {he is rhyming, this is serious, I will not fight my mother, dad would kill me!”

Fugaku suddenly attacks Sasuke, but Itachi blocks with his kunai. Itachi kicks him back.

Uzukage makes hand signs, “wind and water: jet stream blast!”

He heads towards Nagato but at the last minute he stands straight up and, “push!”

He sends It back to the Uzukage.

Itachi, “Sasuke stop feeling sorry for yourself, the eyes are not what makes a warrior, it’s what lies behind them.”

Kabuto, sends a snake flying directly towards Sasuke ready to bite him. Itachi is busy with Fugaku but sees it. Just when he is about to burn it with black flames Fugaku slashes his eyes.

The snake is about to bite him when. Naruto holds his fore arm up to get bitten but he is in Sage mode and it doesn’t go thru.

Naruto, “if I knew taken your eyes would a made u a kunoichi I might have chosen a different tactic! Get your sorry ass up and fight!”


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