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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Naruto 542 Prediction

Raikage is back at the HQ pacing back and forth with Tsunade sitting down and Shika an d the others engaged in other things.

Tsuande: “Calm down, pacing won’t help.”

Iruka walks in, “ yes Ma’am?”

Raikage, “how could you let him escape like that, YOU were supposed to be the one to get through to him! This will be on your head if we lose them to Madara!”

Tsunade stands up, “That will be enough of that, Raikage.”

Raikage, “or what?”

We see a fist slamming against Neji’s face.

Neji lands a few feet away. {how did she get thru my defenses? It’s like she knows the patterns to my rotation, but how?}

Sakura, “Neji, if you are in there, get control of your self, I am goin flight on you only because it’s you. But if you don’t snap out of it I will have to..”


They both look. It is…

Neji, “Lee?”

Lee, “I will not let you do this Sakura, he is my teammate, and more.”

Sakura, “Lee, you don’t under stand, he is not himself”

Lee, “I understand completely what is going on, it is my moment to do two things.”

He walks in front of Sakura and gets into a fighting stance looking at Neji.

“to both save a comrade and fight my greatest competition.”

Neji, “you are a fool, I have ultimate defense against your speed.”

Lee, “yes you do have defense swift enough to match my speed Neji-san, but”

He unwraps his hands and feet.

“How long will it last against my technique.”

He takes a different stance, similar to Neji but his hands are in a claw position.

“Hidden Gate, open…. now Badger claw!”

Foe some reason Lee is glowing bright green but with othe rcharacteristics of opened gates. He repeatedly striking a Neji.
Neji is blocking blow for blow. He doesn’t have time to hit points at the moment he is just blocking.

Neji {what is this technique Lee, what are you doing? Are you really gonna be the second person to teach me a lesson wit defeat?}

Lee strikes Neji in the chest and he goes flying back but lands on his knees.

Neji’s cloths are all torn where Lee was striking and he was Blocking.

Sakura, {lee? You too have grown.}

Lee, “I have to be the best at Taijutsu in the Leaf village and all five hidden villages. I have no jutsu to rely on. I learn form my defeats Neji. You have defeated me in training everyday since we were 10. I learned every single place on my body you hit all those years.”

Neji, “yeah so what? So what Lee you are still just Lee!!”


Guy and Lee are talking you see Neji walking away with Tenten clean , but Lee is bruised and dirty. H eis around 12.

Lee, “he is unbeatable.”

Guy, “No such thing, my youthful student!”

Lee, “but Guy Sensei he ahs no weakness.”

Guy, “hmmmm, well some people strike you where they are weak JUST to see if you share the same weakness, cause if you do It will be that much easier to defeat you.”

Flashback over

Lee “Do it.”

Neji runs grumps up and runs to Lee quickly.

Neji, “I plan to, 8 palms…16 palms….24.…36.….64 palms”

Lee stands and looks at Neji with his arms down by his side.

Sakura, “Lee?”

Lee smiles, “I don’t share your weakness comrade.”

Neji, “what?!”

Lee lifts his arms, “Badger claw points of agony!”

Lee strikes every single point Neji did with his claw shape hands, he is done in half the time I took Neji.

Neji is laying in agony and screaming in pain on the ground.

Lee, “those points you hit in your gentle fist are right beside the points of pain in the body. I hit them with the right amount of force you enemy will be in too much pain to fight”

Sakura runs over to Neji, “I am sorry Neji, I can’t heal you until we know for sure it is you.”

Lee walks over and grabs Nejis wrist and pulls then twist. Neji stops screaming.

Neji, “Lee, thank you”

Sakura, “how did you know It was him?”

Lee, “simple. You can’t control someone’s mind that is in to much pain to think.”

Naruto and Bee are now in a clearing Naruto has the scroll in his hand an d Bee is looking on.

Naruto, “have a lot of questions to ask, it Is bout time I got some answers.”

“that will have to wait…”

Bee pulls Samehada and Naruto goes RS as they turn to see.

Nagato leaning on Itachi’s Shoulder, “…cousin”

Itachi, “please lower Samehada 8 tails jinchuriki, we are not here for you.”

Naruto, “he is telling the truth, what are you doing here? Aren’t you being controlled by Madara?”
He lowers RS.

Itachi, “Actually it is Orochimaru’s lackey that has raised us, Kabuto. We ar ehere to help you, the best way we can.”

Naruto, “why did you call me cousin?”

Nagato, “ I am Nagato Uzumaki, grandson of the Uzukage of the whirlpool village.”

Naruto , “what?!”

Itachi, “Naruto if you would be so kind?”

Naruto, “oh of course. “

He makes two shadow clones they take Nagato upon there shoulders.

Nagato, “yes I am your cousin through clan lineage. We are known for our long lives, grand chakra, seal knowledge and owners of the Rinnegan.”

Bee, “I don’t get it Mr. dead, Rinnengan was a fluke my bro said.”

Nagato, “the only people in our history to posses the Rinnegan…..were Uzumaki!”

Itachi, “it is true Naruto the tablet of knowledge in the Uchiha hideout states the true purpose of the Uchiha, to protect the Sage of six paths lost clan. Which means Naruto…”

“I must protect you!”

Next….what the hell?


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