naruto comic update: Jiraiya - Tsunade, Special Lovers

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jiraiya - Tsunade, Special Lovers

A couple that has been chosen as special lovers 10 is litlle differing than before. If my previous post talk about adolescent, now I choose old person as a couple. They are Jiraiya sama and Lady Tsunade, both of them was recognizing as legendary sannin. Since they were still genin, they have became a teammate just like Naruto and Sakura. When they were still younger, they didn't want confessing that they like each other, but I know that lately when Jiraiya would gone for get some information about the leader of akatsuki, Tsunade's face looked to be worried with him.

jiraiya love tsunadeI'm more sure that they have special relationship when Jiraiya death, Tsunade couldn't hide her sorrow. So I make this wallpaper for showed my appreciate and respect to Jiraiya sama and Lady Tsunade


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