naruto comic update: animated jirobo, naruto, sasuke,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

animated jirobo, naruto, sasuke,

animated, anime, jirobo, naruto, sasuke,

As one of the Online Naruto Games, Naruto Battle Grounds is a fun, challenging action adventure game for teens and everyone. The main object of this game is to defeat all the enemies as you are moving forward, and fight the village chief to finally become the leader of the village. You can play it online via keyboard, Naruto Battle Grounds lets you jump through different power and skill levels and attach the enemies using a few good moves. Press A button to throw his sharp Kunais, or press S and Z buttons at the same time to create some awesome combo hits. When you do this combo attacks, the power of hits are already increased thus the enemies get damaged a lot. You can also get health potions and chakras to boost your chakra level so that you can be much stronger. Once your chakra bar gets full, you can teleport yourself so that you can dodge enemies by pressing the R button.

While playing this Narugo Game, you will notice the character's walking speed is decreasing and you feel it's moving very slowly. At this time you will need to press the W button while holding the right or left arrow keys to make the character run fast. Also the initial levels can be finished easily by simple jump over the enemies with no attack, but later higher levels become challenging. Naruto Battle Grounds Game might not be one of your best Free Naruto Games Online, but it surely is a great online game to play safe.


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