naruto comic update: February 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Shino Aburame on naruto Shippuden

Shino Aburame ShippudenShino Aburame Shippuden (1)

Shino Aburame ShippudenShino Aburame Shippuden (2)

Shino Aburame ShippudenShino Aburame Shippuden (3)

Shino Aburame ShippudenShino Aburame Shippuden (4)

Shino Aburame Shippuden

temari have a date wallapeper

Shikamaru And TemariShikamaru And Temari (1)

Shikamaru And Temari (2)

Shikamaru And TemariShikamaru And Temari (3)

Shikamaru And TemariShikamaru And Temari (4)

Shikamaru And Temari

Rock Lee on naruto Shippuden

Rock Lee Shippuden Rock Lee Shippuden (1)

Rock Lee Shippuden

Rock Lee Shippuden Rock Lee Shippuden (4)

Rock Lee Shippuden Rock Lee Shippuden (5)

sasuke moonlight chidori wallpaper

sasuke chidori sasuke chidori (1)

sasuke chidori sasuke chidori (2)

sasuke chidori sasuke chidori (3)

sasuke chidori sasuke chidori (4)

sasuke chidori sasuke chidori (5)

Animation Kakasi rare collection

Animation KakasiKakashi Chidori Animation(1)

Animation KakasiKakashi Chidori Animation(2)

Animation KakasiKakashi Chidori Animation(3)

Animation KakasiKakashi Chidori Animation(4)

Animation KakasiKakashi Chidori Animation(5)

cool gaara old school wallpaper

gaaragaara (1)

gaaragaara (2)

gaara (3)

gaaragaara (4)


Kiba Inuzuka and akamaru on naruto shippuden

Kiba Inuzuka (2)Kiba Inuzuka (1)

Kiba Inuzuka (2)Kiba Inuzuka (2)

Kiba Inuzuka (2)Kiba Inuzuka (5)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sasuke vs naruto kyubi game shoot

Sasuke vs naruto kyubi Sasuke vs naruto kyubi

Sasuke vs Naruto game on dragonball background

Sasuke vs Naruto

Monday, February 21, 2011

Naruto Vs sasuke

Naruto Vs sasukeNaruto Vs sasuke

kiba vs chouji


Hiruka and naruto vs kakashi

Hiruka and naruto vs kakashi

sasori akatsuki


Naruto vs Ichigo game snapshot

Naruto vs Ichigo

Naruto Vs Sasuke Gif Animations.

Naruto Vs Sasuke Animations

gaara sand ninjutusu gif

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kakashi vs Zabuza Kankuro vs Shino

Kakashi vs Zabuza

Itachi vs Sasuke Kakashi vs Naruto

Itachi vs Sasuke Kakashi vs Naruto

kimimaru vs lee animaton

kimimaru vs lee

Lee vs Gaara -ninja fight

Lee vs Gaara

Kisame vs Zabuza

The main character is looked to be a real person in our everyday life, rather than a cartoon character. His experiences in the episodes are almost similar to what we experience in our own lives and that makes people think he is just like us. His personal struggle with his own identity and people surrounding him when he was young makes him more unique and somewhat reflect today's high tech society where anybody could easily be distinguished from others for many reasons. Naruto makes people around him like himself because of his strong talent. His warm heart and toughness when he gets into fights mix well and together it give the people trust and sympathy at the same time

animated jirobo, naruto, sasuke,

animated, anime, jirobo, naruto, sasuke,

As one of the Online Naruto Games, Naruto Battle Grounds is a fun, challenging action adventure game for teens and everyone. The main object of this game is to defeat all the enemies as you are moving forward, and fight the village chief to finally become the leader of the village. You can play it online via keyboard, Naruto Battle Grounds lets you jump through different power and skill levels and attach the enemies using a few good moves. Press A button to throw his sharp Kunais, or press S and Z buttons at the same time to create some awesome combo hits. When you do this combo attacks, the power of hits are already increased thus the enemies get damaged a lot. You can also get health potions and chakras to boost your chakra level so that you can be much stronger. Once your chakra bar gets full, you can teleport yourself so that you can dodge enemies by pressing the R button.

While playing this Narugo Game, you will notice the character's walking speed is decreasing and you feel it's moving very slowly. At this time you will need to press the W button while holding the right or left arrow keys to make the character run fast. Also the initial levels can be finished easily by simple jump over the enemies with no attack, but later higher levels become challenging. Naruto Battle Grounds Game might not be one of your best Free Naruto Games Online, but it surely is a great online game to play safe.

Hurricane Mugen - Naruto Forums

Hurricane Mugen - Naruto Forums

I'm going to discuss what I like about each series and compare them.

What I really enjoy about the original Naruto show was the friendships. The relationships between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. The series maintains a youthful innocents, and progression of comradeship. The development of Naruto's relationship with Sasuke is a pivotal area of the plots.

Naruto desperately want to be recognized, after being ignored and reviled by the village growing up. Sasuke is the best Ninja student of his class, so Naruto connects him with respect. If he can make Sasuke respect him, everyone else will have to as well. Being someone that was picked on constantly in school I identify heavily with Naruto and his never say die attitude.

Naruto Shippuden takes place starting roughly 2 1/2 years after the first series ended. Now I almost have to say I like Shippuden better than the original show. Some of the innocence is gone, and there is a more melancholy pathos to the series, but the maturity lends Naruto and the other characters something the program needed. Seriousness.

Shippuden also greatly deals with the concept of power bringing danger and responsibility. With Naruto trying to find ways of eliminating his dependence on the 9 tailed fox for power, and also risking his own health with his special Rasengan attack.

All the major elements of the series are still present, but with a greater maturity level. The comedy also takes on a slightly greater level of sophistication, without detracting from the slapstick style the show has always had.

I will say that if you are looking to see which one is better, you need to watch the original first. This isn't like Gundum where one generally has nothing to do with the others. Naruto Shippuden is a continuation of the original. If you start with it, you will be lost.

I look forward to seeing where the program will progress from here. If my deductive reasoning is correct, the series will probably jump a few years again soon. Only time will tell, but I enjoy the show and can never wait till the next episode comes out.

naruto animation rasengan

naruto animation

Of all the popular manga series made in Japan, Naruto episodes have managed to gather the largest following. The storyline follows the life of a Ninja fighter called Uzumaki Naruto. His goal in life is to become the chief of his home town, Hokage. The simple to follow storyline and enthusiasm displayed by the main characters have successfully captured the interest of an entire generation, regardless of gender and age. Fans of the Naruto anime series have built an online community, which includes discussion forums, movie clip sites and free online game websites.

Only a handful of sites include free Naruto games to play online. These games are browser based, made in the flash platform. Thus, no special hardware or software is required to be installed or downloaded to your computer. Flash code allows programmers to include some of the animations fans get to see in the television series and incorporate them into game play. Though rudimentary in design and graphic resolution, they manage to capture the feeling for the anime series and bring some of the fun and excitement into the players computer.

An important aspect of this anime series is the portrayal of teamwork within their episodes, which in turn permeates to the young fans as a good thing. For instance, in the game title called Naruto Star Student game, the characters Sakura and Sasuke need to take Tazuna to her home, in the land of the waves. A number of obstacles show up in the way, and they need to exercise a team effort in order to overcome the obstacles. Free Naruto games online can either be played in single player mode, or in multi player mode depending on the title. The Naruto dating game and the Naruto Olympic game offer a simple to use set of controls, with very little to learn in the form of handling instructions. This feature is a benefit for younger players, and adults as well, who wish to spend more time enjoying free Naruto games online instead of learning how to play.

The cast of characters included in free flash games are basically the same as in the anime series. They include a female cast composed of Sasori, Sakura, Gaara, Hinata and Tenten. The male cast includes characters such as Hidan, Itachi, Pain, Rock Lee, Sasuke and the main Naruto. Each character features his own personality and set of special abilities, which are astutely put into play within the plot of the Naruto games offered online. Since the anime series has already gathered the fans, free arcade websites need only to offer the content, as the fans will surely come around looking to play.

Hurricane Mugen - naruto headband

Hurricane Mugen

The Naruto Headband is an integral part of the costume of Naruto. The Naruto Headband can be defined more precisely as forehead protector. This headband has different kinds of functions but the most important one is to protect the forehead during the time of battle. The main focus of wearing the headband id is to show the allegiance or it is to show pat allegiance to some of the villages in the Naruto anime. Some people thing that there is some kind of special significance of wearing this forehead band on the part of the body but it is not true. Wearing this band on forehead has no significant meaning.

The headband of Naruto consists of a cloth that is wrapped around the forehead and then tied at the back of the forehead. At the front of the forehead protector there is a plate made of metal and is affixed on to the cloth of the headband and is designed is such a manner so as to protect forehead from any kind of damage particularly during war time. This Naruto headband is specially designed for the deflection of the sharp projectiles and other kind of sharp objects.

It is not that all the characters of the Naruto anime series wear this headband but intentionally some of the characters wear this headband and some do not wear it. Generally the female characters of this anime series are not required to wear these headbands. The female characters generally wear the headband as an accessory and not as a necessity. For example the character of Ino wears this headband as a belt and the character of Sakura wears this as a headband. The character of Naruto always wears this headband. In fact you will never see this character without the headband on the forehead. Naruto wears this headband as a symbol of pride and honor. There are some other characters such as Rock Lee and Shikimaru that don't wear this forehead protector as a necessity but just wear it. It is believed in the anime that as long as the headband is visible on any part of the body then every thing is alright.

Neji Spesial - special naruto game rpg

Neji Spesial

Naruto: Rise of the Ninja follows the story of the popular anime series. The game's style is that of a 'beat 'em up' with RPG aspects, for example, your character's stats do increase and they will learn new moves and abilities as the game progresses.

Whilst I really liked the style of this game, and the use of cell-shading I was disappointed that the developers had not re-animated the cut scenes in the same manner (unlike the new Dragonball Z game), instead they have simply inserted actual slips from the anime into the video game. I actually find this to be quite lazy, especially since the game can be completed in about 10 hours. If they had added some nice CGI it would have made it a little bit more enjoyable.

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