naruto comic update: Top 30 NARUTO's Funniest in all years

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 30 NARUTO's Funniest in all years

1. Chapter 476: Welcome to Mental Hospital where you could find psychopathic sasuke, pathetic sakura, hyperventillated naruto, matchmaker sai and fanboy club president gaara.
Oh! and watch carefully how naruto likes falling face down. At first, he hits on a sand, then snow and next time, it will be muriatic acid...XD

2. Dead 1st Hokage (on phone): Hello, Alliance of the famous and fabulous dead characters? It's Hashirama Senju--
you know, the 1st Hokage--yeah, it's me again. No, kishi uses me again!--Seriously, he used edo tensei to
fight 3rd Hokage, then implanted my cells into someone and now, he used my DNA for these zetsus.What's next?
Implanting my sperm cells for the whole female villagers of Konoha to make babies like me??

3. Chapter 479: The battle of Danzou and Sasuke is EPIC...well...

Danzou: You think i'm round out of sharingans. Let me show you my other sharingans!...TA-DAAAH!!! (danzo shows
his nipples and balls got sharingans....Karin immediately collapsed and nosebleed!
And here we see Tapir makes his great exit with a "rawwr". I still can't take it seriously. Sad, seeing as its life in this manga lasted only a few pages.

4. Chapter 480: Sasuke won the fight against a senior citizen of 72 years, GANGSTA STYLE.
Danzo dear, if he really did stab you through the heart, you wouldn't have time enough to think about that. Not to talk that you wouldn't give a fuck about the hostage. But clearly Kishi needed to stress yet again how Evil is Sasuke now.
And for Sasuke...seriously Anakin Skywalker everyone?
Sasuke with a closed shirt and half of his fangirls are now committing suicide! Then later, he opens his shirt to regain the fangirls he lost in the opening page...XD

5. Chapter 481: Danzo wants to be the Hero... and fails! Everyone is shocked!! This is Hiruzen great moment...and he ruins it by acting like the Jiraya of the situation. Which makes sense, after all.^_^"self sacrifice is a ninja's duty". He really has a one tracked mind.
And so once again Sasuke didn't ACTUALLY kill his target. They've either killed themselves hoping to take Sasuke with them or they've just simply died of other causes (Itachi). He did manage to off Orochimaru but he was practically on his death bed ANYWAY.

6. Chapter 484: Kakashi, this is Susanoo. Sasuke, this is Kakashi's magenkyo. Are we done with presentations, now?
Look Karin's half naked body with lots of bitemarks!...Bitemarks?! Hurry sakura! She needs Rabies Vaccine!!!
7. Chapter 485: WOW! Naruto looks so taller in this one. To think that it was stated in the Databook that Sasuke's height: 168 cm while naruto was only 166 cm.
And wow! their eyes met!...I can see BROMANCE in here! WAIT! Am I the only one who can hear violins, and saw flying little hearts in here?

Sasuke: You can choose: a) Kill me b) Let me kill you and c) Kill sakura. What do you choose?
Naruto: I choose answer D...XD

8. Chapter 486: On the first page there's a philosophical sentence whose wisdom is totally wasted on me
(meaning, I can't understand its meaning).And here, Naruto's way of thinking is something so random I couldn't understand it
in a billion years.

Naruto: "We're going to die together!"
Kakashi: That's it! Naruto, you misbehaved. You're going to bed without dinner tonight!

Madara: Did i tell you to go home? You misbehaved, sasuke! You're going to bed without dinner tonight
Kakashi: HEY! That's my line!
Zetsu: *releases his creepy dawn-of-the-living-dead jutsu*
Madara: Stop it now, zetsu. You're not in good in fights!
Zetsu: But...
Madara: Do you want to go to bed without dinner too?
Zetsu: *pouts*
Madara: Kisame hasn't called yet. I'm worried! Go check on him and please go back to your normal self,
'cause you're creeping me out like that!
Zetsu: *eyes roll*
Madara: 'And don't you dare roll your eyes at me, young man!"
Sakura: Why am i crying like that in front of Zetsu???

9. Chapter 487: The Battle begins....Wait?...Where's the Battle?...Dammit!

Naruto: "You haven't truly accepted me"
Sasuke: "...And what does this have to do with anything here?"
Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei, i'll fight with sasuke alone so that my fight will reach to his heart" (OMG! fangays go wild!)
Kakashi: Have it your way! I'll just go play with Madara. *pouts*
Madara: "LOL...DENIED! *poop!*
Kakashi: No one wants to play with me!...T_T
Sakura: It took me three years to train and realize i can't do anything! I think i choose to have
FAITH IN BOTH OF THEM...I haven't given up on a future where team 7 is LAUGHING TOGETHER AGAIN..
(WTF?! Dammit kishi, What kind of script is this??? You made me look so damsel-in-distress in here. You ruined my CAREER!!!)
Naruto: Yeah and i felt like IDIOTIC SUICIDE GAY in here...T_T

10. Chapter 488: Sakura gets scolded by everyone lately especially karin.
And Kiba is SOOO angry. I would be too. He was about to get the screentime he always wanted but nooo, Sakura had to be the sasuke of the moment and steal all the attention.
Oh good! The rookies are all together again and they really should find a better spot for talking...a conference room perhaps?
And tenten is right! Come on, that woman makes sense and could probably kick ass too. That's why
she has no screentime at all.

11. Chapter 489-490: Frogs are deciding Naruto's future. Cool! What a lucky guy. And for the first time in Medical History,
the first thing one does after waking up from a coma is EATING!!!

Madara: "and what do you want in return?"
Kabuto: "... make wild guess"
Madara: "I'm not giving away my sex toy--- I mean, Sasuke. Who knows what kind of perverted things you'd do to him?"
Kabuto: "what?! you're hurting me. My intentions are of the purest kind"
Madara: "YEAH, RIGHT"
Kabuto: "If you refuse my offer. This will happen" *kabuto shows a picture of close up wrinkle face madara wearing a bathing suit with Britney Spears
taken at Playboy Mansion*
Madara: "You bastard!...WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!"
Kabuto: "It's complicated...dont worry, i wont tell anyone about this...XD

12. Chapter 490-492: Naruto is embarrased infront of frogs and two fanboys at Ichiraku 'cause he doesn't know how to write his own name. Seriously, Naruto is trying to recall if in his contract there was written that he cannot have a normal teacher.

Naruto: "Hey, no one even introduced us, but I want you to train me!"
Killerbee: "... I'm in vacation"
Naruto: "... on the dreadful island of dread and terror?"
Killerbee: "I happen to like the place. STFU and GTFO"

Dark Naruto: "why didn't you sign the autograph?"
Naruto: "dammit, another one. I CAN'T WRITE DAMMIT!!!"
Dark Naruto: "... why do I bother?"

13. Chapter 494-496: They got attacked by the squid that then, being the kind soul it is, proceeded to squish Motoi right in front of Naruto so that he could be the Main Character and Save the Secondary Character With Sad Past.
On a side note, how deep must be the water that near to earth, to have a squid roaming there without, you know, getting stuck and all?
Well, It's not like Bee forgives him... it is that he can't remember what he ate yesterday, how could he remember something that happened when he was a kid?

Yamato: "fight the Kyubi?! ARE YOU F*CKING NUTS?!?!"
Bee: "... shut up, secondary character"
Yamato: "oi, you're one too"
Bee: "yeah, but I'm cool"XD

Bee: "do you have the key?"
Naruto: "yeah, I swallowed it with frog and all"
Bee: "... no gag reflex, mmh?"
Naruto: "no, I'm just used to that after all those crows and bowl of earthworms"

14.Chapter 497:

Kyuubi: "you think you can beat me?"
Well, Now we know kyuubi is going to lose. Every bad guy who said those words lost in a matter of seconds. It's a natural law.
Notice that Kyuubi is an idiot. He's made of chakra and hatred. How the hell is possible that he didn't realize that was a fake naruto?
And Naruto now uses him as a basketball. Serves him right!.

15. Chapter 498: Naruto doens't understand a thing of biology. And many other things.
But biology really isn't his thing. Remember the squid? And kishi, dear, Kishi. Girls that hate their hair don't keep them long. Impossibly long, may I add. Or maybe it's just to hate them better.

16. Chapter 499: I love this title. " A New Seal" and the picture shows that chains are coming out from Naruto's crotch..XD
Poor kyubi...I mean, I actually feel sorry for the Kyuubi. You can finally kick the ass of the idiot that has been imprisoning you for the last 15 years, and instead you get kicked by him....Humiliating.
And kushina is WHAT???

17. Chapter 500-502: Let me get this straight. Only women can give birth, right? And so, only a female jinchuriki would have this
"moment of weakness" of the seal, right? So, knowing this, why on earth they chose a female jinchuriki?!
And feel sorry for kyubi too.He wanted to kill her, i mean, at least 15 years living inside of a tomato.

Madara: Hey kishi! I lost by this flashing dude because of my facial-toilet flush-no jutsu!

18.Chapter 503: Gai and Kakashi are silent. I can understand Kakashi. But Gai? He should be screaming something like "LET ME FIGHT YOUTHFULLY!!!"
And the guy screams "The Fourth!". Man, I see only an oversized toad, sitting on a fox. And I didn't even drink anything.
And Sarutobi has a nice view of Kyuubi's tonsils. I don't envy him. Kyuubi probably has VERY bad breath.
Sarutobi is still wherever-he-is wasting his precious screen time wondering ISH IT REALLY WHAT I THINK IT ISH?
Living inside Tomato for all those years made the kyuubi go idiot. I mean. KILL THE FOURTH, NOT THE CHILD!!! What use is there to kill the child?!?!?

19. Chapter 507-508: After "morning peacock" (that sounds gay like nothing else) and "afternoon tiger", I expect either "evening dragon" or "evening chicken", that sounds so silly but much more gai-ish
You know that weird thing your dad keeps in his toolbox 'cause he says "it does a bunch of things, ya never know, it could be useful sometimes". Aoba is like that.
Whoa, that's a lot of blood from Kisame. And not a single arm/limb/whatever. Considering that the sharks disappeared when he died, well, they really did a quick job

20. Chapter509: It's Konan's turn to shine..Wait! What?! According to her contract with kishi that: a) As a woman, you're useless
b) As a woman, you haven't have screentime and c) As a woman you never ever in your life beat a man...So better kill her off..How masochist!
Madara: "you were a useless woman. Now you're a woman that is worth something. Feel honored by this and since we all know how this is going to end, you could surrender so we can go ahead with the plot, yes?"

21. Chapter 510: Ok, that will be known as the "WTF page". I cannot understand the third sages bit. And we discover that, apparently, all people with red hair in this manga come from the uzumaki clan. Right now I'm wondering if the Mizukage is secretly Naruto's aunt.
And Karin's probably his sister. And Karui his cousin. Mmm, Konan sounds like Hermione. Then Nagato must be Harry Potter. You know, child of the prophecy and all. And Yahiko can be Ron. Red hair and oblivious as hell.
And see the result? Konan + Yahiko = Hermione and Ron. I TOLD YAH!
Nice outfit, madara!...But where the hell did you get the money??

22. Chapter 512-514:Poor Hashirama. I bet that, when he finally died, he had very little of his "genetic material" still on his person, since it looks like EVERYONE and their mothers have some of his cells implanted somewhere.
Oh look! Old Dwarfkage is faster than fat man. Makes sense. Hes is shorter, lighter, angrier & has a very short memory. The Awesome battle in the sky gets interrupted and they didn't even throw a SINGLE JUTSU. DAMMIT, KISHI! YOU DISAPPOINT ME!

Just thinking: who's watching over Naruto? Killer Bee, I suppose. But Naruto must be even dumber of what I was thinking if he isn't wondering where the hell Aoba and Yamato and Motoi went. But he's probably still busy by checking animal's junks.

23. Chapter 513: obviously, studying biology on some far away island can't be anything but a SUPER EXTRA SECRET MISSION. Sure, Naruto.
Apparently, the armadillo was a male. In drag. With his jewelry all exposed like that. Hmmm, Next time, I would bet my money on 'male' rather than 'female' (remember Haku, Dei...)? When it looks like a girl, it is SURELY a guy in Naruto world)
And Kabuto informs Dwarfkage that he's been playing around with him only to kill time. Way to crush the old man's self-esteem.

24. Chapter 515: I never thought that Shino has a mouth, ino has green eyes, tonton is a WAR PIG and sakura was only one who wore black mini skirt.
While Dwarfkage was away trying to blow up turtles or supposedly-dead guys, the other kages spent their time deciding what symbol use on their forehead protector. And here I thought that wars required preparations for food, shelter, weapons, plans... I am so stupid.
NAKED ZETSUS. Hinata will faint the moment she sees this.XD

25 Chapter 516: Haku becomes girlier and zabuza thinks edo tensei user (Kabuto) is a VERY BAD GUY.Asuma has a bad feeling. I wonder why. I mean, it's quite common to be brought back from the dead and sent running in a forest towards only-gods-know-where without any control over your own body. Common. Yup. Everyday's life.
Well, If Sasuke decides to take off the bandages and follow others to the battle the first thing he'll see will be dead people and naked plantmen. With any luck, he'll might stab his eyes out after that.XD

''And welcome to the 4th edition of the Shinobi Marching to Death Marathon, hold once everytime a new war breaks out.

Gaara has amazing "inspirational-speech-no-jutsu". Eventhough gaara and his commanders were WAAAAYYYY UPPPP THEEEREEE...they can still hear what gaara said and i thought gaara needs a microphone or something...im so stupid

26. Chapter 517: I will refrain from commenting about Anko's terrible situation in here. The only comment I could write about a fucking OFF-SCREEN battle with subsequent capture/nasty situation/possible death would contain so many profanities that your virgin eyes would spontaneously fall off and run away screaming. Is Kishi reminding us all the characters that never have screentime, so we can weep better when he'll kill them off with no glory whatsoever?

27. Chapter 518: Ambush squad won the first round. I think in next chapter we'll see medical logistic company.
This is gonna be awesome if we see something more from that "pig".

28. Chapter 520: According to Ohana (confirmed spoiler) that the title of this chapter is "Tailed Beast Ball" Ball?...LOL But honestly, i really do appreciate spoiler guys called "Menancing Ball" or "Kyubi's Balancing Balls"... XD
Kishi loves speeches. Apparently running speeches runs in the family. If Temari is gonna preach to Shika I'm sticking my head in the Sand as symbolism.
And as for Naruto, well, did you notice that he knocks twice in that door. How in a world he knocked if his head was poked inside bull's mouth?? And "Where's the SWITCH??"..XD
And did you notice, when it comes to training instructions with HACHIBI, naruto understands alot for what he said unlike Kakashi, Jiraiya, Fukasaku, and Yamato?

29. Chapter 521: Jutsus Attack and make way for the volcanoes erupted of tons of NAKED ZETSUS!

Shinobi ally: They are all guys with Kekkei Genkai!
Zabuza: Except for me...T_T
Zombie shinobi: No, zabuza. Your Kekkei Genkai is Demonic blood.
Micheal Jackson: HEY ZABUZA!..You're NOT the only zombie without Kekkei Genkai
Nelson Leslie: AND WHY AM I HERE AGAIN???

Dead RIN: Why kabuto didn't summon us?
Dead Shinobi: "cough, cough" yeah...why?
Dead Obito: I dont know about you guys because my fans made me believe that i am ALIVE...hence, I AM TOBI...este, MADARA...NYHAHAHAHA!

30. Chapter 522: AFTER A YEAR of prison, suigetsu & jugo finally figure it out how to escape...silly me!..XD
If you notice in page 10, Nagato, the former fearsome leader of akatsuki, was dragged by his former subordinate, Kakuzu?
And i freaked out when kabuto was able to make the dead bodies do the summoning jutsu, i was like THEY CAN DO THAT TOO?

Zabuza: (after posing with the former group of swordsman) Ok, who's the dick weed that mess up my sword?
If suigetsu arrives, this would happen...

Suigetsu: Man, were did my sword go? I earn that sword you know?
Zabuza: So, you like to be a grave robber you little fucker?
Suigetsu: I shit my pants.
Zabuza: My God, change your pants and get out of my sight, you disgust me.
Kisame: Why kishi didnt want me to part of this group? I'm also the former member
of seven swordsman of the mist
Zabuza: How come you became a member??? We're already seven, you dumb-ass! XD


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