naruto comic update: naruto shippuden -Baki from Naruto Movie wallpapers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

naruto shippuden -Baki from Naruto Movie wallpapers

Baki is one of the strongest Sand Jonin in the Sand village. He is an important member of the Sunagakure's advisory council and is probably the second-in-command after the Kazekage and is respected throughout the whole village. He is also probably the Fourth Kazekage's most trusted Jonin as he was in charge of the invasion in to Konoha and the team leader of Team Baki, which consists of Gaara,Temari and Kankuro, the Fourth Kazekage 's children.

Baki from Naruto Movie wallpaperBaki from Naruto Movie wallpaper

Baki naruto


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