naruto comic update: Naruto Ninja wallpapers

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naruto Ninja wallpapers

naruto and Gaara continue their fight. Naruto begins to get an advantage, and Gaara transforms into the final form of Shukaku of the Sand. As he begins to put the squeeze on Naruto, Naruto summons Gamabunta Oyabun, and his comeback begins. Once again, Naruto begins to get an advantage, but Gaara casts the technique of fake sleep, releasing the full power of Shukaku. Now that the demon is free, what will Naruto do?

Naruto Ninja wallpaperNaruto Ninja wallpaper

Naruto NinjaNaruto Ninja

Naruto Ninja wallpaper#1Naruto Ninja wallpaper#1


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