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Saturday, January 29, 2011


by: kevinyu

Onoki: With the Second Mizukage being together with Muu sama, it could give us the advantage.
Tsunade: What are you talking about? The Second Mizukage was equal in terms of water manipulation with the Second Hokage
A: I agree with you Tsunade, how could that be an advantage?
Onoki: Muu sama and the Second Mizukage were bitter enemies, just like Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara. Even my granddaughter was a witness to that
Tsunade & A: ...
Onoki: Even though their will is controlled, the possibility of them fighting each other will be high haha
Tsunade: There's no time to laugh old man.
A: We gotta tell them about the strategy now

Gaara's Panel:

Gaara: How can I bring myself to Dad? How could've I forgotten about the past? Damn it, no choice, but to fight him.


Hiashi: Brother!
Hyuuga nin: Even your twin, Hizashi-sama got revived too.
Hiashi: This should be kept secret to Neji!

Hizashi: I wonder what happened to Neji, did he take over the clan? Heh! I hope the discrimination between the main house and the branch house has ended.

Asuma: Hizashi-sama, Hiashi-sama has told Neji about the truth, though it took him longer. Your death has affected your son so much that he was bitter to the main house before.

Hizashi: I see, but atleast, Hiashi did not disappoint.

Dan: We're going to attack in a few minutes.

Kakashi Panel:

Kakashi (in mind): The onslaught begins, they might want to reminisce about the Fourth's wrath during the previous war. Using Kamui to these resurrected bodies? Awesome idea. Victory will be ours.

Kakashi rushes in to Sukazan and uses Kamui with ease

Kakashi: Almost near to perfection...
by: Tenge

1) Zetsu is going to persuade the feudal lords to stop being loyal to the ninja villages (e.g. offer their own help and protection)
2) The two guys with 9 tails' chakra are most likely the previous hosts of the beast.
3) I am really not sure about how awesome the next chapters are going to be. I believe Kishimoto never has had any experience with drawing so many charachters at the same time. The only example is probably the attack of the sand on the Leaf 9000 episodes ago. If this is the case,
a.the good guys will start getting their asses kicked
b. meanwhile naruto vs sasuke battle takes place
c. there is a 3-4 chapters of naruto and sasuke having their (insert weapon name) in each other nad struggling/discussing their lives
d. something happens that makes Naruto have the upper hand (Hinata gets her ass kicked/Minato gives a speech/Sakura cries *sighs* on the background).
e. Naruto gives a huge speech about the will of fire is unbendable (is there such word in english?)
g. a few epic episodes with how good guys SUDDENLY become stronger and kick the bad guys' asses.
e. Naruto sacrifices hhimself to beat Madara
d. end of series, Naruto's and Sasuke's graves next to each other. Sakura gives a speech about how those two helped her to become stronger (it took her about 600 manga episodes, two ninja wars, and sacrifices of those two to realize some universal truth).
PS I think that Sasuke might have some epic plan about how to lure Madara into some kind of trap to get him killed by Naruto or whoever, maybe he is doing all those things to become a hero like Itachi.
PSS Reread what I wrote, and realized I sounded too sarcastic.
I think the final scene of the manga is going to be just how I described it, and it is kind of sad.


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