naruto comic update: Naruto 525 prediction

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Naruto 525 prediction

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Tsuchikage golem: How impressive, this entire area is made out of sensor sand, a jutsu from the hidden sand village. My original plan is ruined now.
Gara appears above him flying on his sand cloud.
Gara: Desert burial!
Sand waves form around tsushikage.
Tsushikage claps his hands: Pillars of earth!
Stone pillars emerge from the ground and tsushikage jumps on one of them.
Gara: I must break you!
Gara sends sand after tsushikage.
Tsushikage does a hand sign and becomes invisible.
Gara (thinking): So this guy depends on stealth. I have the area surrounded with sensor sand, but I must cover these pillars with sand also so he can't escape by moving on them.
Tsushikage: Your skill is very commendable, I haven't seen a sand ninja of your caliber yet. I can see you are covering the pillars with sand, but that won't help you now.

Meanwhile Kakashi is getting ready to break loose.
Kakashi: Now we are on the attack. Sai follow me and be my long range support, also seal any golem I incapacitate. Omoi you guard mine and Sais backs. Lets go!
Kakashi starts running with the big sword behind his back, Sai and Omoi following him.
Meanwhile that ninja that drains the water out of her victims kills another dude.
Fodder ninja: We mustn't get close to her, her attack will kill us instantly!
Sakura: Then use the long range attacks!
Shinobi throw kunais at her, but it doesn't damage the edo golem.
Two fodder shinobis charge edo golem with a chain to tackle her down. The edo golem jumps up and lands behind Sakura. Edo golem gets impaled on the beheader sword and then flipped over by Kakashi.
Kakashi: Time to die.
Sai binds it with his ink snakes and then writes some symbols in ink on the edo golems forehead and does hand seals. Edo gets paralyzed.
Omoi: The next one is there!
Kakashi: Sakura guard this golem until the sealing team gets to you!
Kakashi and Sai move on.
Meanwhile the edo golem with explosive punch gets one paneled by Gai.
Gai (evades his punch and hits him in the stomach): Your punch may be destructive but you'll never hit me. Because you lack power of youth!

Meanwhile Gara vs tshushikage
Tsushikage: I can adjust my weight and pressure I put on the ground. That is why your method of detection is useless!
Gara: If that is so, then I'll just have to find you using a different method.
Gara: Sandstorm!
Gara raises a lot of sand up and starts bombarding the area with sand. Gara destroys the stone pillars and everything but there is no tsushikage.
Tsushikage: Too late.
Tsushikage has a big ass sniper crossbow that shoots stone bullets. And he hits Gara's sand clone that was riding the sand cloud. Gara's sand clone falls apart.
Tsushikage: Just a clone?
He becomes invisible again.
Gara's sand eye is floating above him.
Tsushikage: There is no point in trying to find me, I am the invisible killer, the one that took out the most feared of shinobis.
Gara catches him with sand and immobilizes him.
Gara: Sand particles in the air, I can feel you walking through them.
Tsushikage: Impressive for a kid your age. You have a skill worthy of the title kage.

Meanwhile Kakashi.... (to end on a cliffhanger)
Kakashi, Sai and Omoi face the needle thread guy, lightning sword guy and a fat guy.
Kakashi: Time to put my sword wielding skill to test.


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