naruto comic update: Naruto 525: Full Body Foes- prediction

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Naruto 525: Full Body Foes- prediction

Somewhere in the desert-

Gaara: They’re here….(Jumps from atop the hill to the ground). U are in my territory. Care to invite the other two to join us.

(3rd Rai and 4th kazekage emerges from behind one of the hills)

(Behind Gaara and one of the desert hills)

Temari: Get ready, Gaara’s distraction shd be enough for u to immobilize them. (Spreads her fan)

Shikamaru: Such a drag. (Signals to others to get ready). Tonka, get the sealing barrier ready.

Tonka: Yessir

(Back to Gaara vs 3 kages)

Gaara: Pops, u too?

4th Kazekage: Sorry son, must kill u.

Gaara: What makes u think this time is different from the other times u tried to?

(Gaara gets blitzed by a fast moving Raikage)

3rd Rai: No talking, Just aint manly.

-Swordsmen vs Kakashi Platoon -

Kakashi: Mist is all cleared and its an all out war now. Begin Sai, no time to waste. Maki and I will give u cover. Santa, u stay and guard Sai.

Maki: U sure u can that sword?

Kakashi: Don’t worry about that. I have copied Zabuza’s moves and also have the ability to use it thanks to…. (Remembers fighting Sakura and Naruto, and how Sakura punched the ground open – 246 pg 11. Thinking: I copied the chakra manipulation then). Let’ go Maki (As they launch forward towards the rest of the swordsmen)

-Zetsu vs Kitsuchi Platoon-

Kitsuchi: Damn, we haven’t finished dealing with these and they’ve sent another platoon already. Let’s do it.

Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi: Doton, Rising Earth Excavation. ( More Zetsu’s are brought out)

Kitsuchi: Stay back everyone, let the aburame’s handle this (As they reshuffled, going behind the Aburames)

Shino: Their weakness is known now, this will be over quickly. (As millions of bugs are released)


(Gaara crumbles only to reveal his sand shell.)

Muu: Oh, he’s good.

Gaara: (Appears behind them, clasps his hands) Sand Migration. (The sand begins to move the edos. They are being pulled into an already erected barrier as random nins come out from hiding and start forming seals)

3rd Rai: Oh no u don’t!!! (Begins making some seals)

Gaara: (Thinking: Wont let u). Desert Coffin (The edos are each trapped in ball of sand)

3rd Rai: Armour!! (Shatters the the sand ball as if it was not there)

Muu: Doton: Camoflage no jutsu (Faded thru and came out of the sand ball unscathed)

4th Kazekage: Fuuton: Waves!! (Emitted wind blade from his body which slash open the sand ball)

Random nin: Gaara Sama, those three are all former kages and have full-body abilities

(Kabuto: (Somewhere else) Yeah, that’s why they are together. Time to get them serious, won’t make the same mistake. (Makes seals)

(Smoke emits from the edo’s.)

3rd Rai: Raiton, Lightening House Armour. (highly vibrated ration engulfs his body)

Muu: Doton, Earth Embodiment. (He turns jet black with black dust surrounding him, eating away at the ground where he is standing)

4th Kazekage: Fuuton, Wind Incantation. (a violent, quick spinning wind encases him, causing a lot of dust)

Random nin: Close and mid range combat is not an option with these three. They each have the power to incinerate hundreds of opponents in a single attack. (Starts sweating)

Gaara: Stay alert. They are attacking!!!

3rd Rai: (Raises hand) Raiton, Lightening Bolt Splash. (High speed lightening moves on the ground)

Muu(Raises both hands to his chest): Doton, Black Dust Release. (A ball shaped dust is formed and released)

4th Kazskage: Fuuton, Shockwave (The air is instantly compressed in his palms and released)

SA forces: !!!!!! (As the three attacks approached with devastating effect, destroying anything and everything in its path)


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