naruto comic update: Naruto 525 : The Fourth Option- our prediction

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Naruto 525 : The Fourth Option- our prediction

Madara : So that's it ... the last option.
Zetsu (Black) : ?
Madara : Oh ... Nothing important. Where is the transfer?
Zetsu : If you talk about Hashirama and the guy of Konoha, it works. The latter clones will be fielded soon.
Madara : OK ... For Sasuke?
Zetsu : He's good.
Madara : Well ...

Kabuto: I demand an answer.
Suigetsu: You're as deceitful as the idiot of Orochimaru. I'd never trust you ... Juugo look who's there!
Juugo : !?
Suigetsu : He ... disappeared ...
Kabuto: Or not! - Mangetsu is out of the ground with another tomb -
Suigetsu : !
Juugo : Your brother?
Kabuto : You can't refuse ... Suigetsu.
Mangetsu : Hi, bro.
Suigetsu : Mangetsu-chan ...
Juugo : And the other?
Kabuto : Do you remember... the first real ninja ... that you met ... but Sasuke has replaced him ...
Juugo: !!!!! Kimimaro ?!!!!
Kabuto: Hehe. They will handle your case. I have other things to do - his plan appears on the ground -
Suigetsu : Hey! - Mangetsu cut his brother with his sword -
Juugo: Raaah - Juugo's arm in Level 2 collides against the bone arm of Kimimaro Level 2 -

Brother against brother!
Cursed against cursed!

Kiba: They never die ?!
Hinata: They're back !
Neji : Spores ... Every time we attack them, they drop spores on us!
Kiba : So what ?!
Shino : They poison us ...
Neji : And drain chakra to replenish their bodies!

Killer-Bee: Kyuubi doesn't always cooperate huh ...
Naruto: Yep.
Killer-Bee: Well, try again.
Naruto: OK! Hmmm .... HAAAH! There is an evil presence ... and much more! ... Up there - watch the ceiling -
Zetsu: - appears - urgh ...
Killer-Bee: How did you come here ?!
Zetsu: Hehe ... It seems that my coverage is ruined, Madara.
Madara - telepathically -: No problem. Sasuke is ready.
Zetsu: Ok anyway, you're trapped! - A thirty white Zetsu appears -
Naruto: There is a crack.
Zetsu: What?
Naruto: We do not ever told you that one thing never to trap ?
Killer-Bee : Huh?
Naruto : When we're smart, when we want to survive, see the sun rise, there is one thing to never ever trapped.
Zetsu : And what is it?
Naruto : ... Me! - Releasing the ball to the ceiling -

All Zetsus are burned and disintegrated.
The original managed to escape in extremis.

Killer-Bee: Wow! - The tentacles of Hachibi protects him -
Naruto:... Here ... the Solar Rasengan !
Killer-Bee - in the head -: Huh! This kid is simply masterful! He failed to properly use the technique of Bijuu Ball, so he uses his Rasengan coupled to Kyuubi chakra and release the ball immediately after taking the appearance of the Bijuu ! What makes it 10x more powerful than with the simple chakra of Kyuubi ! This kid is a genius!

Gay: - collapse -
Lee: Gay-sensei! The use was too upset!
Sakura: Itachi Uchiha ... huh ...
Kankuro: You better stop, there is a thirty against you, alone.
Itachi: ... No ... You don't yet noticed ...
Sai : Notice what?
Itachi : All of you ... You're in my illusion ... HAHAHA!
Sakura: What the ...!

Zetsu - out of the ground -: Arghhhh! I was severely burned, but apparently Sasuke is good ?
Madara: Yes. It's time ... Sasuke will take his revenge!

Naruto 526 : Evolution!


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