naruto comic update: Naruto 524: The Seven Swordsman of Kiri - prediction

Monday, January 17, 2011

Naruto 524: The Seven Swordsman of Kiri - prediction

Kakashi VS Itachi
Sakura & Toka vs Haku
Guy VS Ushuu (former owner of Samehada)
Lee VS Girei (former owner of Hiramekarei)
Sai VS Mangetsu (Suigetsu's brother)
Kankuro VS Haram (former owner of the puppet date, which is fighting with the sword Ningyofukku)
Omoi VS the 6th
Ittan VS the 7th

Guy: The fate of the world depends on it! Yaah! I'll do like Sakura, only this time it will be reduced to ashes! Asa Kujaku!

Ushuu was burned but rebuilt.

Guy: Huh?! That's not true! Yet I have given everything! And I feel the effects - see disorder -
Lee: No problem! Rock Lee Special – Chimeitekina no Burūmu (Fatal Broom) !!

Gaï : Yaaah ! Konoha Kaigansho !! Yiiyah !!

Lee & Gaï : Taïjustu Nankaina no Konoha - Ten Doriru !

They form a sort of spin, one foot forward and crushes Ushuu in the soil.

Lee: Great! Oops! I forgot one! Ugh! I'm getting exhausted.
Girei ...
Kabuto: For you it's over.
Guy: Guy to the rescue! Konoha Renpuu !

Girei puts his arm and against the hit.
He puts a large kick in the head of Lee.

Gai: Lee!
Lee: Sorry, Sempai! I wasen't enough strong ... Ugh
Guy: I can not accept it!

Kakashi: - Pants - Why not attack?
Kabuto: Itachi continues to put up any resistance in his mental. But he can't control his body huh ... He will not listen. No choice, Forbidden Technique: Remove the Mind ! Neither I or Itachi does control this body he's like a free electron, it attacks that he wants but he attack, hehe.
Kakashi: That's it! He is coming!

Sakura - gasp - sleep apnea is not my forte
Toka: My illusion is not working! Apparently, only the high illusion used by Uchiha with their Mangekyô, works!
Sakura: What?! But Kakashi-sempai is ... I see.

Lee: ...
Guy: Youth ... birth ... old age ... death ... All these things ...

Girei attack
Guy: Hirateuchi Yaku o!
Girei gets a monstrous slap and burns.

Sakura : !!

Toka : Sakura !

Sakura : ! - she's scratched by the ice needles of Haku -
Sakura: Argh! SHANAROOO!

Haku is struck by a thousand fists

Toka: It's useless! Don't bother!
Sakura : Kabuto ... This son of a bitch! He should know that we not use people as pawns or weapons!
Kabuto: But I know, little fool. I won the war ahead ... Uh! ... Well, well, Juugo is in motion. I'll go get him, but I must first finish "this" work.
Sakura: I know you can hear us through these bodies!
Kabuto: Insightful.
Toka: He must calm down, please.
Haku: - is reuniting - Sorry ... Really ...
Sakura: Not care !
Kabuto: I'm wasting my time with these kids. No need to monitor. - disappears -

Kakashi: - falls to the ground, unconscious -
Itachi: ... You! - shows Guy with his finger -
Guy: Ohhh ...
Girei: - to rebuilt -
Lee: Gai-sempai is good.
Guy: No, I take care of him
Lee: No! Watch the fat!
Guy: huh?
Girei: - can't rebuilt -

Kabuto: So ?
Suigetsu: Huh ?!
Kabuto: Juugo is not here huh ?
Suigetsu: You!
Kabuto: Pff ... I'll make a bargain ... Gimme Jûugo ... And I give you Mangetsu, your brother!
Suigetsu: !
Kabuto: (What? Someone hit my tactical plan !)

The woman who changed everything ...!
Anko Mitarashi!

Anko: So you've got this in your ass, Kabuto ! Argh ... So, many die in an act of bravery ! This is the last option to destroy the zombies ... That's what you don't want to say to Madara huh ... It's to destroy the pawn on the plan to eliminate the zombie. - broke a dozen pieces - Urh! - collapse -

Guy: They have all disappeared!
Lee: You forget someone!
Guy: Yes ... Uchiha Itachi!
Itachi: Hahaha! You will all die!


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