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naruto 545 - 546 bahasa indonesia

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Naruto manga 542 (English)

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Naruto 545: Edo vs. Edo/ Parent vs. Child

Kushina slaps Naruto with her chakra chain. It turns his head and knocks blood from his mouth.

Bee is blocking but not attacking B minor. He fights similar to Bee but with a Bo staff. His sai are still on his belt.

B Minor, “father, why are you crying, it is okay, this is not your fault. I was happy.”

Bee, I am happy too son, so is your Uncle, in his own way.”

B minor, The why aren’t you rapping, you promised everyday you tell me a new rap until I was a jonin.”

Bee stops crying and smiles, “well I be damn a promise is a promise, Uncle A is Raikage and I am by his side keeping him honest. You fight real good almost as good as me, but when it comes to rhymes your minor and I am major Bee.”

B minor starts to wither away, “thank you father, I have all the rhyme si need, love you.”

He is gone.

Naruto is dogging his moms attacks, “ Mom stop, I can’t beat you up, you’re my mom!”

Kushina, “I can’t control myself, Naruto you must defeat me.”
She starts to charge at with her chains spinning.

Naruto, {there is a only one action to take.}

Next we see Naruto hugging his mom as the chains wrap around him.

Naruto, “I love you mom, I have a lot of friends, I study better, and I promise to eat more vegetables more okay? I am not mad at you and Dad, I love you both, and”

WE see Kushina’s eyes with surprise.

“I am gonna be the Orange Hokage after all!”

Kushina starts to cry and wither, “thank you son, I am proud of you.”

Itachi is holding his eyes as they are healing.

Fugaku, “so you are the strongest we have? I am disappointed in you. Surely I thought you would have redeemed yourself after that issue at the lake.”

Itachi, “I have power beyond you father, but I am not like you. You see we are both dead, but you died on the inside long before that night.”

Fugaku is charging towards him. “the most powerful Uchiha, you are a joke.”

Itachi, “No..”

Sasuke is standing behind Fugaku with his chidori fist coming thru his chest.

“he is.”
Sasuke increases the charge.

Fugaku, “very good son.” he withers.
We see Naruto with his hands together releasing the seal on Sasuke.

Nagato is standing over the Uzukage, “I am Nagato Uzumaki, Sage of the Six Paths. That is Naruto Uzumaki the chosen one to save us from this. He will carry on the Uzumaki to the greatness they were meant for.

Uzukage, “So be it.”

He disappears with ashes in the wind.

Kabuto , “shit! Okay, then!”

He makes hand signs for Edo Tensei.

Suddenly in front of Kabuto is Itachi.
“No, not you!”

Itachi points at him.

Kabuto is seen screaming.

Naruto, “Genjutsu.”

Sasuke, “I am not gonna be your puppet Naruto, free me.”

Naruto, “Not until I save you.”

He goes RS mode.

“But right now I have to find Madara.”

He expands the RS field and engulfs him, Sasuke & Bee they disappear.

Kabuto on his knees, “release.”

Itachi and Nagato disappear.

He collapses.

Next, with the Edos gone what will Madara do?!

Naruto 544: Brothers

We see Sasuke flying back landing on the ground sliding into a tree.

Naruto is in RS mode, he has just uppercut Sasuke.

“damn you! Are you so far gone you would attack your brother for no reason?! You already got vengeance once already!”

Sasuke getting up holding his jaw with his Amaterasu eye closed, {He has gotten faster, and stronger, no matter} “you still talk too much Loser!”

He runs towards Naruto making hand signs.

Naruto, {what is happening to me I can see what he is doing but it’s like there is more to it.} Sasuke, don’t…”

Sasuke, “shut up! I am tired of your talking!”

He is covered in lighting and then pulls his sword about to strike Naruto then he disappears & appears behind him.

Naruto doesn’t turn around, even though he knows he is there. Right before the blade strikes he grabs the blade turns and places his hand on Sasuke’s chest.

Naruto, “I am sorry.”
A seal forms on Sasuke. “chakra summoning seal; restraint technique!”

Suddenly Sasuke loses his chidori field and his eyes go back to regular pupils.

Itachi, “amazing, a true Uzumaki it seems.”

Nagato, “how did he know that, how was he able to perform it so swiftly?”

Sasuke falls to his knees, “what have you done to me?”

Naruto, “you no longer have access to the chakra that goes to your jutsu, you are like Lee now. I trapped your jutsu in a summoning seal, your Eternal Mangekyo is no longer eternal.”

Bee, “it can be summoned now , but who has his power now?”

Naruto stops RS and pulls up the back of his shirt, there is an Uchiha crest surrounded by seal designs in the middle of his back.

Kabuto, “well that didn’t go as planned.”

He makes hand seals, then several Edo coffins rise.

Itachi, “get up Sasuke, you need to fight.”

Sasuke, “do not tell me what I need to do! In case you haven’t noticed, I am without the Sharinghan, thanks to that loser Naruto!”

Nagato, “hmmm, you have very high standards, calling someone that just beat you with one hand a loser.”

Naruto, “Bee, hand Nagato Samehada, I have an idea.”

Bee tosses the sword to Nagato.

Nagato catches it with both hands and uses it to stand up, “good Idea Naruto, I can feel it, it is amazing amount of chakra this might just do the trick!”

The coffins open and reveal.

Nagato, “oh no, Uzukage.

Itachi, “father?”

Naruto, “mom?”

Bee, “no it can’t be, no you MONSTER!!!”

Kabuto, “oh good my guess was right…this is YOUR son!”

WE see the Uzukage has a staff, Fugaku has a kunai, Kushina with her hair blowing in the wind, and a boy no older than twelve that looks like Bee except with a cap on backwards and smaller shades. He has a bo staff and a pair of sai in front of his belt. His arms are folded.

Fugaku, “what is this, Itachi, Sasuke? Is that Naruto?! Wait, is this the forbidden jutsu of the Hokage?”

Kushina, “Naruto? My son, you look just like Minato.”

Kid, “father? Is that you?”

Bee, yeah B minor, it’s me, I am sorry, I didn’t protect you and I can’t save you now.”

Naruto, {he is rhyming, this is serious, I will not fight my mother, dad would kill me!”

Fugaku suddenly attacks Sasuke, but Itachi blocks with his kunai. Itachi kicks him back.

Uzukage makes hand signs, “wind and water: jet stream blast!”

He heads towards Nagato but at the last minute he stands straight up and, “push!”

He sends It back to the Uzukage.

Itachi, “Sasuke stop feeling sorry for yourself, the eyes are not what makes a warrior, it’s what lies behind them.”

Kabuto, sends a snake flying directly towards Sasuke ready to bite him. Itachi is busy with Fugaku but sees it. Just when he is about to burn it with black flames Fugaku slashes his eyes.

The snake is about to bite him when. Naruto holds his fore arm up to get bitten but he is in Sage mode and it doesn’t go thru.

Naruto, “if I knew taken your eyes would a made u a kunoichi I might have chosen a different tactic! Get your sorry ass up and fight!”

Naruto 543: What the Hell?

Naruto, “Protect me?!”

Itachi, “yes, the Uchiha were the protectors of the peace, the younger brother. At first the we had gotten beyond the rivalry of the original Sage children, but eventually it stirred up again.”

Nagato, “which brings It to the Uchiha and Senju. The Senju were part of a whole. The younger sibling fathered two major descendents, the Uzumaki and the Senju. Which is why the two are so closely related and so similar in potential ability.”

Naruto, “so why is there another half of the Uchiha or something?”

Itachi, “the other half of the direct descendents of the older brother are the Hyuuga. At some point they realized that tranquility will make the I droughts not mature to a Sharinghan. At that point they took the proper measures to make sure that that level of dugouts never matured any further.”

Bee, “you mean they keep it in the clan , to keep it away form the man?”

Nagato, “The Uchiha, mixed with different clans and families which is why NOT all Uchiha can or will awaken a Sharinghan much les a Mangekeyo Sharinghan.”

Naruto, “wait , how does any of this help me now? Why did you stop me form unlocking this scroll?”

Nagato, “cause now is not the time, you have something very important to do, you questions can wait til after you keep your promises, don’t you think?”

Naruto looks at the scroll, then throws it in the air and make several signs and it disappears.

Iruk is with the Kages still.

Tsunade, “that is all he said? That Naruto, well I really don’t think there is any stopping him now.”

Raikage, “what?! He was out of his mind in the forest, thinking he could stop this war by himself!”

Tsunade, “what secret does he know about?”

Raikage looks at Tsunade but says nothing.

“Iruka, I called you here for this reason, I want to know what the Raikage knows.”

Iruka steps back, “but Lady Hokage, it has been a long time since I have done that jutsu, no tsense I was injured and…”

Tsuande, “did I not clear you for full active chunin status? Also that jutsu comes natural to you, you were so talented that before the inury you had your choice of interrogation squad or ANBU, am I right?”

Iruak, “yes ma’am but..”

Raikage, “what fool plan do u have Tsunade, I am the leader of this Alliance, the head Kage!”

Tsuande, “NO you are the head general in this war, Not the leader of all the villages. If you have a secret that could end this we must know now!”

Iruka, “guess that’s my cue, first. Secret jutsu blind eye!”
The sensors in the room look around as if searching.

Sensor, “what where did they go? I can’t sense them r see them anywhere?”

Shika, “hmmm, Iruka walked in now minutes later they are off the radar of the sensors? I remember that technique, Iruka. I also know the one after it, be careful young friend.”

Iruka is standing in between both of them, “secret juts meeting of the minds!”

The Raikage and Tsunade both freeze and there eyes get big and empty of color. Iruka is standing with his hand together. Both of his eyes are filled with many different images.

Bee, “say what?! That’s my brother , you must be talking bout another1”

Naruto, “no the Fox showed me, for centuries the fox has been full of anger because the part of him with out hatred has been kept locked away, underneath the cloud village.”

Tsuande, “how reached of a village would do such a thing?!”

Iruka is kneeling on the floor as if exhausted.

Raikage, “ It was not my doing Hokage, I am merely the one who inherited it.”

Tsunade, “Naruto was right, you could have prevented all of this. How could you do it how could you keep…”

Naruto “ The fox’s heart is sealed under the Cloud Village!”

Suddenly Naruto goes fox eyes, “After we are divide into 9 separate entities the longer we existed the more we became real, we all have hearts and flesh an blood, when we exist outside of a body, while we are inside is when we are just chakra.”

Naruto returns, “8 tails still as a heart that is why Bee was able to get thru to him. Long as the Heart of the fox is there there is no way he will cooperate with me.”

Bee, “but how could my bro have stepped in an been a hero?”

Tsunade to Raikage, “Every Kage has the one time choice to release the heart so it can go back to the fox. But every single one of you chose not to, why?”

Iruka coughing, “power, if they let the Fox get his heart back, all his power will be complete and IF he is inside a jinchurikki that ninja will then completely bond with it becoming more powerful than any jinchurikki or kage ever known , even the 1st Hokage and Madara Uchiha combined.”

Raikage, “you are right. I didn’t want Konoha to have that power, none of the Kage’s before me wanted you to have that power!”

Back to Naruto and the Others.

Itachi, “it is true and a bonded Biju cannot be controlled by outside forces, their chakra and mind is to intertwined with the host. This war would not be happening if the current Raikage released the Heart, cause no way anyone could pull the fox from you Naruto. You would be bonded forever.”

“bonds? You still talking about bonds Loser?”

They all turn to see Sasuke standing with bandages over his eyes and Zetsu with him.

Sasuke, “I must be hearing things, get these bandages off of me my eyes feel fine.

Suddenly A hand is placed over his bandages.

Kabuto, “not just yet, I want to savor this moment. A reunion to last all time. Is everyone ready?”

Naruto & company are prepared to fight.

Sasuke rips the bandages off.

Sasuke, “Hmm, 8 tails, Naruto...{his vision is a little blurry, but it clears up when he focuses on Itachi} Itachi?!”

Kabuto smiles, while Zetsu retreats into the ground.

Sasuke, “Naruto, your too stupid to master Genjutsu, 8 tails you wouldn’t know my brother, I don’t kno who you are crippled old man!”

He looks at Kabuto, “you! Orochimauru did this with the 1st an d2nd Hokages, now you used on my brother?!”

Itachi, “you will all burn!!!”

Itachi whispers, “:Oh Sasuke.”

Naruto looks angry.

Sasuke starts to bleed form his Amaterasu eye. The EMS is a hazard chemical sign.

Naruto 542 Prediction

Raikage is back at the HQ pacing back and forth with Tsunade sitting down and Shika an d the others engaged in other things.

Tsuande: “Calm down, pacing won’t help.”

Iruka walks in, “ yes Ma’am?”

Raikage, “how could you let him escape like that, YOU were supposed to be the one to get through to him! This will be on your head if we lose them to Madara!”

Tsunade stands up, “That will be enough of that, Raikage.”

Raikage, “or what?”

We see a fist slamming against Neji’s face.

Neji lands a few feet away. {how did she get thru my defenses? It’s like she knows the patterns to my rotation, but how?}

Sakura, “Neji, if you are in there, get control of your self, I am goin flight on you only because it’s you. But if you don’t snap out of it I will have to..”


They both look. It is…

Neji, “Lee?”

Lee, “I will not let you do this Sakura, he is my teammate, and more.”

Sakura, “Lee, you don’t under stand, he is not himself”

Lee, “I understand completely what is going on, it is my moment to do two things.”

He walks in front of Sakura and gets into a fighting stance looking at Neji.

“to both save a comrade and fight my greatest competition.”

Neji, “you are a fool, I have ultimate defense against your speed.”

Lee, “yes you do have defense swift enough to match my speed Neji-san, but”

He unwraps his hands and feet.

“How long will it last against my technique.”

He takes a different stance, similar to Neji but his hands are in a claw position.

“Hidden Gate, open…. now Badger claw!”

Foe some reason Lee is glowing bright green but with othe rcharacteristics of opened gates. He repeatedly striking a Neji.
Neji is blocking blow for blow. He doesn’t have time to hit points at the moment he is just blocking.

Neji {what is this technique Lee, what are you doing? Are you really gonna be the second person to teach me a lesson wit defeat?}

Lee strikes Neji in the chest and he goes flying back but lands on his knees.

Neji’s cloths are all torn where Lee was striking and he was Blocking.

Sakura, {lee? You too have grown.}

Lee, “I have to be the best at Taijutsu in the Leaf village and all five hidden villages. I have no jutsu to rely on. I learn form my defeats Neji. You have defeated me in training everyday since we were 10. I learned every single place on my body you hit all those years.”

Neji, “yeah so what? So what Lee you are still just Lee!!”


Guy and Lee are talking you see Neji walking away with Tenten clean , but Lee is bruised and dirty. H eis around 12.

Lee, “he is unbeatable.”

Guy, “No such thing, my youthful student!”

Lee, “but Guy Sensei he ahs no weakness.”

Guy, “hmmmm, well some people strike you where they are weak JUST to see if you share the same weakness, cause if you do It will be that much easier to defeat you.”

Flashback over

Lee “Do it.”

Neji runs grumps up and runs to Lee quickly.

Neji, “I plan to, 8 palms…16 palms….24.…36.….64 palms”

Lee stands and looks at Neji with his arms down by his side.

Sakura, “Lee?”

Lee smiles, “I don’t share your weakness comrade.”

Neji, “what?!”

Lee lifts his arms, “Badger claw points of agony!”

Lee strikes every single point Neji did with his claw shape hands, he is done in half the time I took Neji.

Neji is laying in agony and screaming in pain on the ground.

Lee, “those points you hit in your gentle fist are right beside the points of pain in the body. I hit them with the right amount of force you enemy will be in too much pain to fight”

Sakura runs over to Neji, “I am sorry Neji, I can’t heal you until we know for sure it is you.”

Lee walks over and grabs Nejis wrist and pulls then twist. Neji stops screaming.

Neji, “Lee, thank you”

Sakura, “how did you know It was him?”

Lee, “simple. You can’t control someone’s mind that is in to much pain to think.”

Naruto and Bee are now in a clearing Naruto has the scroll in his hand an d Bee is looking on.

Naruto, “have a lot of questions to ask, it Is bout time I got some answers.”

“that will have to wait…”

Bee pulls Samehada and Naruto goes RS as they turn to see.

Nagato leaning on Itachi’s Shoulder, “…cousin”

Itachi, “please lower Samehada 8 tails jinchuriki, we are not here for you.”

Naruto, “he is telling the truth, what are you doing here? Aren’t you being controlled by Madara?”
He lowers RS.

Itachi, “Actually it is Orochimaru’s lackey that has raised us, Kabuto. We ar ehere to help you, the best way we can.”

Naruto, “why did you call me cousin?”

Nagato, “ I am Nagato Uzumaki, grandson of the Uzukage of the whirlpool village.”

Naruto , “what?!”

Itachi, “Naruto if you would be so kind?”

Naruto, “oh of course. “

He makes two shadow clones they take Nagato upon there shoulders.

Nagato, “yes I am your cousin through clan lineage. We are known for our long lives, grand chakra, seal knowledge and owners of the Rinnegan.”

Bee, “I don’t get it Mr. dead, Rinnengan was a fluke my bro said.”

Nagato, “the only people in our history to posses the Rinnegan…..were Uzumaki!”

Itachi, “it is true Naruto the tablet of knowledge in the Uchiha hideout states the true purpose of the Uchiha, to protect the Sage of six paths lost clan. Which means Naruto…”

“I must protect you!”

Next….what the hell?

Naruto 541: Family Ties

Naruto is walking around the Uzumaki Village.

Naruto, “You sent me back into time?!”

Fox, “don’t be foolish, these are my memories, your mind can only comprehend but so much. It has to interpret things it’s own way. Otherwise you would go crazy with the knowledge.”

Naruto “So why am I here?”

Suddenly he is at another location a meeting not unlike the Kage summit.

Several people are at a table they are all Kages the 2nd Hokage is there.

Kazekage, “: I see no problem with allowing this.”

Mizukage, “hmm we are still new , so I see why not.”

Hokage, “well you know I have no problem with it.”

Tsuchikage, “I agree as well, so that is enough , as of the next meeting we will have another Hidden village and Kage inducted into our ranks.”

Raikage slams his fist down on the table, “dammit, the re is no room for a sixth Kage! five is enough. The whirl pool village is not even as large as we are! What do they have to offer?”

Hokage, “calm down Raikage, you are upsetting our escorts. The Soon to be Uzukage will bring the vast knowledge and skill of seals and longevity to our circle. They are a peace loving addition, which is what this all about, correct?”

Raikage, “humph” he sits down and says nothing further.

Naruto is standing in the shadows watching.

Now he is back at the Village.

Ninja, “Uzukage, sir we have word that we will be attacked soon, the attackers are the combined forces of the Cloud village and some other rogue ninjas.”

Uzukage, “I figured as much, two days before the village would have became as notable as the other hidden villages.”

A group of ninja appear in front of him.

Ninja, “we are ready sir we have several groups of children and instructors ready to disperse and go into hidding as you directed.”

Uzukage, “ good, we will go to the Iron country, Leaf village, and other small villages unnoticed. From this day for the we will not openly practice our skills. But one day we will return, let NO Uzumaki give up there name.”

Naruto, “the leaf village? You mean there are Uzumaki in the Leaf village?”

Suddenly he sees the attack on the village and many die protecting it.
Fast forward to the Cloud village A is very young and is walking with an old Raikage(not the same one of course)

Raikage, “tomorrow you will be Kage if all does not go well with me. So I am going to tell you all you need to know and what you dare not repeat to another unless he is your successor.”

A, “yes Raikage.”

Now at the tent with Neji and Sakura.

SF, “hey, look out.”

He jumps in front of a kunai that was meant for Sakura, from Neji.”

Sakura, “Neji, what are you doing?!”
{he can’t be the spy, this proves it to be a mind control technique of sorts}

Neji, “I will kill you Sakura, and the other Medical Jonin as well.”

Sakura, “this tent is for the mildly wounded Neji, meaning there is none in here but me you and the other Med ninjas.”

Neji, “so?”

Sakura, “get out now!!”

The med ninja leave the tent.

Sakura, “They were the only thing saving you. I am sorry Neji, If you can hear me. This is war I must stop you, mind control or not.”

Flash Back:

Sakura and Hinata are walking.

Hinata, “ you must be very good at chakra control to be a med ninja huh? Also you have to be very delicate with your hands too?”

Sakura, “yes, why would you like to be a med ninja? I could talk to Shizune.”

Hinata, “actually I was wondering if you wouldn’t want to learn my technique.”

Sakura surprised, “but I don’t have the brakeman, how could I do that?”

Hinata, “ well you already have the knowledge of all the chakra points right? So all you need in the technique. It wouldn’t be the gentle fist of course but it could be an addition to your taijutsu technique.”

Neji facing off with Sakura, “ you seem as if you are going to win.”

Sakura taking her gloves off, “I am.”
{I hope, this works}

Back to bee and Tsunade and Raikage.

Raikage, “You were supposed to be in the cave being protected, but you and that brat are ou there making all the sacrifices in vein! Have you no sense of morality?”

Bee says nothing.

Raikage, “Fine, I will beat it into you.”

Bee backs up a little. 8tails{I know you hate to do it, but you might have to fight him for real this time Bee}

Raikage comes at Bee with lightning speed.

Before he connects with his fist Naruto appears and takes it on the chin, unphased.

Naruto, “Morals, are you questioning morals? I know what the Cloud Village did to the Uzumaki’s and I know about the Kyuubi, YOU could have ended his hatred a long time ago, but you chose not to!”

Raikage, “shut your mouth boy!”

He swings again, Then Naruto appears several feet away form them.

Naruto in RS mode claps his hands together, “Uzumaki Sealing Jutsu: scroll unearth!”

Suddenly a scroll appears and goes to Naruto.

Naruto, “I have this now and soon everyone will be free!”

He disappears then reappears next to Bee, they both disappear.

Next, will Sakura reveal some new hand to hand skills ? What do Nagato & Itachi have to talk to Naruto & Bee about. Will Itachi be able to help Naruto “save” Sasuke?

Naruto 541 : Raikage vs Naruto! by: NarutoTheStupidOne

Naruto 541 : Raikage vs Naruto!
by: NarutoTheStupidOne

Naruto: Hey Granny! Glad to see you're feeling better!

(Naruto stops using the Kyubi's chakra)

Tsunade: Thank you but now is not the tim-


Bee thinking: Ugh, when was the last time he was this angry, we better get a move on or we'll be sorry!

Naruto: ........Ya know Raikage, have ever had a conversation when you're not screaming at someone?

Raikage: WHAAAA!?

Tsunade & Bee Thinking: Probably not....

Naruto Smiling: All that stress can make ya crazy, so knock it off before you start pushin' daisies!

Bee: Heh! Looks like I'm startin to rub off on you bro, that was a nice rap check it out yo!

Naruto: ....Ugh, I guess so

Tsunade with blank face thinking: They're alot like, or maybe all Jinchuuki are just naturally stupid --__--

Raikage boiling with rage: QUIT IGNORING ME!

Naruto & Bee & Tsunade Thinking: I wish he would stop yelling.

Naruto: Okay Okay we'll listen, just tone it down a bit alright, you're gonna blow out my ears tonight!


Naruto: Aw crap, I rapped again.

Raikage calms down: Anyway, you two are coming back to HQ with us, end of story

Naruto: Not happening

Tsunade: Naruto, don't make us do something we(looks at an enraged Raikage).....well, I don't want to do!

(Bee graps hold of Samehada)

Raikage: Enough talk! It's obvious I'm going to have to use force!

(Raikage use his lightning armour and charges with a punch as naruto goes into to sage mode)

Naruto Thinking: I better stick to Senjutsu for now so I can save the Kyubi's chakra for later.

(Bee blocks with Samehada, Samehada starts absorbing the lightning chakra)

(Raikage jumps back and has lost his lightning armour)

Raikage: Bee, even YOU are going to defy me!

Bee: Sorry Bro, but he's not gonna stop yo.

Naruto: Bee let me handle this, I'd feel bad if I let you two brothers fight each other

Bee: Alright, show em yer might!

(Naruto uses shushin no Jutsu* and grabs Raikage)

*Body Flicker Jutsu* Not the flying thunder god technique-

-(For the record guys, I just want to clear a few things up about Body Flicker and the 4th hokage's Flying Thunder God Jutsu. Body Flicker jutsu is when chakra is used to temporarily vitalise the body to move at extreme speeds. The Flying Thunder God Jutsu is a space-time ninjutsu that allow the user to teleport to any location that has been marked with a special seal. Some people get confused because the 4th was skilled at using both Techniques.)

Raikage Thinking: He's so fast I didn't have time to act! Even if my lightning armour wasn't on yet, to be able to catch me is quite something!

Naruto: Bee, Granny! I'm going to borrow this guy for a moment!

(Naruto Takes Raikage to another area)

Bee: Naruto completely ignored ya Tsunade

Tsunade: Sigh, I wish he would just listen to me sometimes.

Bee: I'd rather we not have to fight, cause it just wouldn't seem right.

(Tsunade sits down on a nearby rock)

Tsunade: It seems Naruto dragged you into this so I'm not going to fight you, we might as well just sit here and let those two excited morons settle this.

(Bee put samehada back on his back, sits down, and smiles)

Bee: Cool, now I can spend some time, thinking of some cool rhymes!

Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama, I have information from HQ.

Tsunade: What is it?

Katsuyu: It seems that some Akatsuki spies have infiltrated the medic camp and are assassinating people. The place is in chaos.

Tsunade: What!? Why didn't the sensors stationed there not detect anything!?

Katsuyu: According to information from Sakura, the assassins, or Zetsu, Can absorb chakra and use that stolen chakra to transform into the person they stole it from and create a perfect copy so well that not even the sensors can tell the difference from the originals.

Tsunade: !

Bee: I know what you're talking about, that shark guy from Akatsuki fooled us when my Brother and I thought we killed him. It was in one of our reports.

Tsunade: Damn!

Katsuyu: Shikaku is trying to come up with a plan but is having trouble. What should we do?


Bee: Hey! I've got a great idea! This will also work out for Naruto and I as well!

Tsunade: What is it?

(Bee gets up and starts to head to where Raikage and Naruto are Fighting)

Bee: Follow me Hokage!

Tsunade & Katsuyu: ?

(Back to where Naruto and Raikage are Fighting)

Naruto: Damn Raikage! Not only are you Strong but fast as hell as well!

Naruto Thinking: If I wasn't using sage mode I'd be down already

Raikage: Are you ready to give up yet!

Naruto: Not even close! I'm not your average Shinobi!

Raikage: Hmph! My lightning armour isn't to be underestimated!

(Raikage disappeares to the side of naruto and starts punching him)

Raikage Thinking: What is this? I know for sure that he can't keep up with me now that I'm using my Lightning armour but this feeling is strange. Why don't I feel like I'm getting anywhere?

(Naruto gets back up after those barrage of punches)

Raikage Thinking: He's gotten back up again....

Naruto: That all ya got!

Raikage: Not even Close!

(Raikage increases his lightning speed and starts punching Naruto even harder)

(Naruto Falls to the Ground)

Raikage panting: That was 57 punches. You won't be getting up after tha-

(Naruto gets back up and his back is turned on Raikage)

Raikage: WHAT!!!

Naruto: Hah! I thought I told you before that I'm not you average shinobi. I could barely feel those punches of yours.

Raikage: Impossible!

(Naruto turns around)

Naruto: Well then, why don't you decide if you still want to continue fighting after I do THIS!

(Naruto tackles Raikage with the Body Flicker technique and brings him to the ground but he gets back up)

Naruto: I may not be as fast as you but I'm still pretty fast myself!


Naruto: Like I said to my teacher, I will endure all of the hate and pain to end this stupid war!



Raikage: Don't Fuck with me....



Naruto begins to get angry but it doesn't show on his face:....


(Naruto Charges at Raikage and punches him. Raikage blocks but the force is so strong he is sent flying into a boulder. Naruto continues to charge at him)

Raikage: .....Power?

Naruto: It's true you do have me outclassed completely in speed and that lightning armour along with your strength is something else, but against someone with my durability in this form, all that power is rendered useless! Hell, I once fell from a very high point on a mountain all the way to ground on my head and I barely felt anything when I was training to master my sage techniques! Compared to that all of your blows TICKLE!!

(Naruto Grabs Raikage's foot and hurls him high into the air. He then crashes down close to Naruto but gets back up looking okay)

Naruto: Looks like I'm not the only one who can take a punch.


(Naruto begins cracking his knuckles)

Naruto: Well then...

Raikage: ...Lets

(Naruto and Raikage both take a fighting stance then charge at each other)

Naruto & Raikage: ......END THIS NOW!!

(Suddenly Naruto is being held by Bee and Raikage is being held by Tsunade)

Raikage & Naruto: Wha!

Tsunade: Talk about being destructive. The entire landscape is a mess.

(Naruto & Raikage are let go)

Naruto: What's going on Bee?

Raikage: Why did you stop me Tsunade!

Tsunade: Just listen to me for a moment.

(Tsunade explains what is going on at the medic camps)

Naruto: Well that certainly is bad news. Guess I'll have to do something about it.

Raikage: Oh, I don't think so. You, along with Bee, are going back to HQ!

Bee: Sorry Brother but you have no choice in the matter.

Raikage: What!?

Tsunade: Naruto has the ability to sense hatred and negative emotions with the kyubi's chakra.

Raikage: !

Tsunade: Bee told me on the way here. It's actually how they discovered Kisame.

Bee: You have no choice but to let him go, and since I'm trainin' him I can leave too bro!

Raikage: Enough with your stupid raps. You suck at it anyway.

Naruto: What's it gonna be old man. If you decide to take me back, the medic squad will be dead before morning.

Tsunade: I have already told Shikaku and he recommends that it is our only choice. A counter strategy could've been made by him, but there is no more time for it. You are our leader, the choice is yours. Either let him go and find the Zetsu's or-

Naruto: -Or take me back and let everyone die. It's all on your head for what happens to them.


(Naruto & Bee Bump Fists)

Raikage: However, we're going with you two. As soon as we find the spies, I'm dragin' both of your asses back to HQ.

Naruto: ....Alright, it's a promise.

(Naruto has his fingers crossed behind his back)

(Bee & Tsunade Smile)

Naruto: Lets GO!!

(Naruto goes into Nine-tails Chakra Mode and Leaves FIrst)

Raikage as he follows: Don't you dare leave us behind!

Naruto smiling: Shaddap!

Bee: Ohhh! I just thought of cool rap!

(Bee jumps and starts to follow)

Tsunade: Sigh......I swear, they're all little kids.

(Tsunade begins to follow them)

To the medic camp! Will Naruto be able to bring an end to this chaotic night!

Next Time: The Terror that is Zetsu

Friday, May 27, 2011

Naruto 540 comic manga(English)

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